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Holistic & Alternative Medical College, a research institute, Christophernagar, Thrissur, a charitable trust was started in the year 1996 for the benefit of thesick and suffering, irrespective of caste, creed or community. The hospital provides training for qualified persons to work in the field of health care, keeping with the best traditions of medical ethics, science and religion. The Institution works under the charitable trust by name College Clinical Magnetology. At present all the basic specialties and the super specialties function under the Trust. The following courses are conducted.

Entrance Course or Basic Courses on Holistic & Alternative Medicine such as:

Minimum Qualification

Individual Coaching

  1. Magnet Therapy & Nursing
  2. Prana Healing
  3. Reiki Healing
  4. Accupressure
  5. Yoga Healing
  6. Psychotherapy
  7. Aroma Therapy
  8. Naturopathy
  9. Electro Homeopathy
  10. Electro Pulsing Magnetic Therapy
  11. Physiotherapy
  12. Arhatic Yoga

For All

6 Months


Advance Courses Such as:



H.A.M. – Holistic & Alternative Medicine, Courses are as following:
1. R.M.P. – Registered Medical Practitioner
2. Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic & Alternative Medicine
3. M.D. – Doctor of Medicine in Holistic & Alternative Medicine

Plus Two

3 Years




The institution is also recognized for Senior House Surgeoncy and Internship training for H.A.M. graduates by WHO.
The academic year extends from August to June / July. TheCollege will remain closed on Sundays, 2nd Saturdays and National Holidays and such other holidays as may be notified by the Management. Special classes may be arranged on Sundays & holidays, if found necessary.


Teaching Hospital:


The staff of the Teaching Hospital attached to the College, will be under the control of the Principal of the College. The Director will be in-charge of both Teaching and Non Teaching staff.

Bond to be Furnished on Admission to H.A.M. course

            The students admitted to the course will be required to produce a bond in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- in the prescribed form to the effect that on desertion of the seat, liquidated damages will be levied from the candidate in proportion to the phase / semester of the course to be completed and also to the effect that on graduation he / she will be required to serve the Institution for a period of 2 years if so desired by the authorities, falling which a fine prescribed by the Management will be extracted from the Graduate Holistic & Alternative Medical Officer.




Our courses and researches at college of clinical magnetology, Christopher Nagar, Thrissur, Kerala, S.India – 680 306


Those who undertake five subjects of the above will get a certificate of “Holistic & Alternative Medicines (HAM) Doctor”
In Save a Patient Programme (Holistic Health Care) a patient can save 90% of treatment expense.
The reign of the English people have gone away by 15th August 1947 from India. But the people of our nation (Indians) are still suffering the slavery of English culture. So also, if patients taking Allopathy medicine for Diabetes, Asthma, BP, Parkinton’s, Arthritis, Allergies, Mental disorders etc., they can’t stop the treatment in life. These patients become addicted to the conventional medicines, and the regular use of certain drugs causes side effects, and to keep our nation healthy, a “Holistic Doctor” is needed.
A Holistic Doctor is the one who has already made research in chronic deseases and in Holistic treatment of a patient seeing “the man as a whole”. No one becomes a “doctor” unless he or she makes a research on different branches of healing methods and prescribe simultaneous treatments at the same time. But it is noted that an ENT specialist treats the head region of a patient and never treats stomach region; a heart specialist never treats psychological problems of heart patients.
The same way those who are experts in any branch of healing science are adamant to their own subject of healing. For instance an allopathy doctor cannot treat with Ayurveda or Homeopathy medicine, or never refers the patient to any other treatment. Some doctors condemn other treatments and the patients become troubled. But if a doctor makes research on different branches of healing science he can treat well andcan save a patient, and thus a ‘Holistic Doctor’ can keep our nation healthy.

REGISTRATION R.M.P. (Registered Medical Practitioner)
The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is issuing the R. M. P. Alternative Medical Certificate Rule 7 A on the basis of Qualification / Experience in any branch of the alternative medicines.

1. Eligibility: Any pactioner having at least 3 years of experience in any branch of alternative medicines. Or Those candidates who have completed the Diploma / Bachelor Certification Courses of the Or Those candidates who have completed a course from any authentic institution.
Minimum Age 21 Years.

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