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Magnet Therapy
Magnet therapy is a specialist  system of complementary medicine, where natural, artificial and Pulsing Magnets are used for therapeutic purposes in order to treat disease. The techniques of healing process will be taught in our college of Clinical magnetology at Christopher  Nagar Thrissur- in different courses namely BMT, CMT affiliated to Chair for Christian Studies, University of Calicut. This college is the first in Kerala started by 1997 Sep.27. 

Proof of Healing:
Chronic Asthma, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Exzema, Kidney Stone, Migraine, Obesity, Paralysis, Piles, Polio, Sinusities, Slipped disc, Cervical Spondilites, Tonsillitis, Varicose veine, Women’s disease, Child disease, etc are cured and their proofs kept in our office. This therapy is scientific, modern, Druglees, Simple & Safe, and Highly Successful.


College of Prana Healing:
Using Prana (Vital energy) especially air, solar, ground, universal and Divine energy to promote healing is called Prana healing. It is a non-touch and drugless therapy and can heal simple ailment. Chronic illness, Psychological And Psychiatric problems. Any people can study this technique by under going a systematized training in our college of Clinical Magnetology and College of Prana Healing at Christopher Nagar.

                        Master choa kok Sui promots Pranic healing, with his blessing direct teaching Rev.Dr.Anto Edakulathur started Prana healing college in  Thrissur district Kerala, South India.

Under Prana Healing comes Prana Therapy, Prana meditation, Psycho Therapy etc.



National Holistic & Alternative Healers' Meet on 26th Dec. 2004

Holistic & Alternative therapies and healers can play a vital role in national health programme. Holistic health means a total care of health of human i.e. a treatment of body- mind & spirit simultaneously. The following healing methods are coming under one banner o Holistic and Alternative therapies:

  • Magnet Therapy :- To keep normal circulatory system.

  • Prana Healing:- To heal with Natural & Divine power.

  • Yoga Healing:- To become young.

  • Massage & Aroma Therapy:- For a pleasant life.

  • Physiotherapy & Psycotherapy:-To keep normal anatomy of human body.

  • Holistic Healing Science:- To heal body, mind and spirit.

Most cordially we invite you to the national healers' meet,
Contact Address:
President,Rev. Fr.Dr.Anto Edakulathur, The Grand Master Healer,College of Clinical Magnetology, Christophar Nagar, Thrissur.
Mob: 9388552337, 9387437006
Fax: 2350951.


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